ISA Certified ArbIf you take your dog or cat to a doctor for a health problem, you want to be sure that the person examining your pet knows what they are doing. A diploma from a veterinary school provides that assurance.

The same is true for a “tree doctor,” a Certified Arborist. This person is a professional who has been trained in the science and practice of tree care. To gain certification, he* has been active in the trade for at least three years and has passed a lengthy exam administered by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Once certified, arborists must keep up their education by attending classes; if they don't, they have to re-take the certification exam every three years to maintain professional standing. The people who inspect your trees for are Certified Arborists.

Our arborists are also tree risk assessment qualified (TRAQ). This is an important certification which should be held by anyone who evaluates your trees. The ISA's TRAQ program is an advanced course which teaches Certified Arborists how to assess a tree methodically and systematically. It also gives arborists a common way to follow up on another arborist's inspection if you are seeking a second opinion or having your tree(s) assessed years later. 

Don’t entrust your trees’ health, safety, and care to people who are not properly trained! Trees can add much beauty and economic value to your property, but they can also kill! Hire someone with proper training, tools, and experience to tell you whether your tree is sick or healthy, dangerous or safe. Have your trees maintained by a reputable company that cares about them, not someone looking to make a quick dollar by scaring you with a misdiagnosis and false information. Call a Certified Arborist whenever you have concerns about your trees.

* Throughout our website, we use the word “he” to include all arborists. Though the vast majority of arborists are male, there are also many female arborists.