Common Trees of Atlanta

Can you identify the trees on your property? What do you know about them? In this section, we provide information and images to help you learn.

This section is a work in progress.  If there is a particular species of tree that you cannot find here, please contact us!

Below are the particulars we have chosen to describe each tree.

  • Common name (Title). This is the name we know the tree by. The Latin name provides more accurate identification than the common name, but common names are useful too, and are often quite interesting.
  • Latin name. The scientific name of the tree provides more accurate identification than the common name.
  • Life expectancy. Every life form has a lifespan. Trees are no different. When we can, we give the average time a tree can be expected to live in Atlanta's conditions.
  • Height and/or diameter or circumference: The size and diameter of a tree are often the result of where the tree is growing, and how much sunlight is available to it. Diameter or circumference are measured at breast height, usually about 4-1/2 feet above the ground.
  • Special characteristics. Every tree has a quirk or two that sets it apart from other trees. It's interesting to know what makes a certain tree different.
  • Annoyance factors. Trees are a bit like people in that there are things that make them annoying, if not downright dangerous. We tell you some of these characteristics so you can watch out and/or be prepared for them.
  • Fun facts. Trees have been around for a long time, and some species have a lot of written information about them. We share a few of the more interesting facts we've run across in our studies and field experience.