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Many people try to identify maple trees by their beautiful Fall colors. But the fruit (seeds) of these trees makes identification more accurate. Seeds consist of a pair of wings (samaras) joined at the base. When they fall, they drift down in a twirling helicopter kind of motion. Fable says you'll have good luck if you can catch one in flight.

Like any species of tree, maples have good and poor characteristics. The wood can be hard, or soft and brittle. The tree can be artistic in appearance (red and sugar maples) or look messy and cluttered with numerous sprouts (box elder). Some turn vibrant colors (red and sugar maple), while others give you only mottled displays unfit for photography (box elder and silver maple).

All maples provide cooling shade on hot sizzling summer days.

Picture Credits:
Red maple: Peter Jenkins,
Sugar maple: Peter Jenkins,
Silver maple: Paul Wray, Iowa State University,
Box elder: Paul Wray,