arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), the unifying organization and certifying body for tree professionals around the world. Our arborists are also trained in the ISA Tree Risk and Assessment Qualification (TRAQ). is fully insured. We are happy to provide a Certificate of Insurance to our customers upon request.

We inspect trees for health and risk, and for other reasons detailed below. We do not do tree work. If we suggest pruning or other services during our evaluation of your tree(s), we will recommend a tree service that meets all of our high standards for quality, safety, and honesty.

Heritage white oak

Our area of expertise is residential properties. Our customers include:

  • Homeowners
  • Condominium and Home Owners Associations
  • Apartment complex managers
  • Real estate agents and home buyers or sellers
  • Other Certified Arborists (for a second opinion or Resistograph® testing).

We consult with homeowners regarding some construction projects. We do not work for builders or developers on residential or commercial lots.

When we schedule your appointment for a tree inspection, we prefer that you are present when our arborist looks at your trees. We like to explain what we are seeing, answer your questions, and possibly teach you a little something about your trees and their care.


Please read this section carefully to avoid any confusion regarding our fees.

Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) 
Most of our services are billed at $150 per hour, which is also our minimum charge for a site visit. This is a time charge, not a "per tree" charge. The amount of time it takes to complete a visual tree inspection depends on how many trees we are inspecting and the trees themselves — how big they are, what kind of condition they are in, and what is required to perform a thorough evaluation. At single-family homes, we can usually complete a standard VTA in an hour. If the inspection takes longer than that, we will charge for the fraction of an hour we are onsite.

Sometimes we get a call from a homeowner who is concerned about only one or two trees. This inspection may take less than an hour, so don't hesitate to have us look at other trees on your property while we're there! Remember, you are paying by the hour, not "by the tree".

“Climbing” (Aerial) Tree Inspection
Once in a while during an inspection, our arborist discovers that a tree should be climbed to find out if a branch, branch-to-trunk connection, or cavity above eye-level on the trunk is decayed or rotten. Before he climbs, he will discuss why he thinks an aerial inspection is necessary and give you an estimate of the cost.

Resistograph Testing
When our arborist uncovers signs of rot or decay in a tree, he may suggest Resistograph® testing to determine the extent of the problem. This is an additional cost, which depends on how much drilling is needed to make an accurate assessment of a tree. We charge $25 per drilling, and we may drill from one to even seven times depending upon the size and condition of the tree (yes! -- a tree that is 60 inches in diameter may require alot of drillings!). If our arborist has to recommend removal based on his findings, a report will be needed in some municipalities to justify a tree removal permit. Our standard hourly charge applies. If the report has to include visual graphs from the Resistograph machine (required by the City of Atlanta, for example), it will cost more, because downloading and preparing these graphs is time-consuming. 

Homeowner (or buyer) Construction Consultation
Are you planning to replace your driveway or water lines? Putting up a rope swing or treehouse? We can advise you about the best way to get the work done and preserve your trees in the process. We are no longer providing tree protection "prescriptions" required for construction permits in the City of Atlanta. These are best obtained from a reputable company that can also perform the work required.

Reports can provide different types of reports, depending on what's needed, by whom, and for what purpose.

Tree Risk/Health Report. This is our standard written report when we do a tree inspection. Our customers often like to have this report for their records. It includes a summary of the tree's risk level, current condition, and our observations, comments, and recommendations for each tree we inspect. If we have performed a Resistograph test on a tree, the results will be detailed. Our fee for this report is based on how long it takes us to prepare it, usually around $50 to $100. We advise our customers to follow our inspector with a notebook and pen. Taking notes on his recommendations can help you avoid the cost of a report if you don't need one for a home sale or a tree removal permit application.

Appraisal. This is a summary report of the monetary value of all or some of the trees on a property. Occasionally we are called in for an evaluation and appraisal when damage to a tree needs to be assessed. Also, an appraisal done ahead of time can be used to calculate property value or loss to that value if a tree is destroyed by an extreme weather event such as an ice storm or tornado. Click here to view an appraisal report by our Master Arborist Neil Norton.

Inventory. This is a list of all the trees on a property by species, size, and GPS location coordinates.

Travel Time
Our service area is generally central and northern Atlanta and most of DeKalb County, including Decatur, Tucker, Brookhaven, and other areas inside the perimeter. If you are calling for an inspection outside of our service area or that requires lengthy travel from our home base close to Decatur, we will discuss our travel fee with you when you make your appointment. For some areas we may be able to refer callers to a Certified Arborist who is closer to your home.

Legal Time
Occasionally we are asked to act as an expert witness in a legal action. Our charge for these or any other services performed in a legal action is $150 per hour plus travel time and expenses. We usually do not accept requests for an expert opinion.

We prefer payment by check (made out to or cash at the time of service unless a report is needed. When we email the report, we will email an invoice with it. We accept credit card payment (via Paypal or a button on our website homepage), but we add a 3% charge to cover credit card fees. Prompt payment is always appreciated!