is an independent company not associated with a tree care business. We work for no one but ourselves, our customers, and your trees. We are not interested in condemning a tree so we can make extra money by taking it down. In fact, just the opposite is true. Our preference is to help you save your tree whenever it is healthy enough to remain standing. This is why you can be sure of getting an honest, unbiased opinion about your tree.

All three of our field staff are Certified Arborists by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and hold the additional credential of Tree Risk Assessment Qualified by the ISA. All four of our staff are passionate about trees and nature.

Neil Peter1

PETER JENKINS (right), better known as “Treeman,” is one of Atlanta's earliest ISA-certified arborists. Jenkins is proud to call himself a "tree hugger." Tree climbing and tree care have been his life's passion. He is self-educated in the art and science of tree work, and takes pride in his extensive library of books about trees, mushrooms, insects, and many other topics about the natural world.

Jenkins pruned and removed trees in Atlanta for over 25 years as an arborist with his own company, Treeman, Inc. before he stopped climbing for a living. He can point to many a large tree around town and talk about trimming it or refusing to remove it because it was in good condition. Jenkins was the first owner of a Resistograph® in Atlanta; he wanted measurable data, which the Resistograph provides, to determine whether a tree needed to be taken down. His experience doing tree work and the first-hand knowledge he gained about trees during those years serve him well when he inspects a tree.

Jenkins is a founding and active member of the Georgia Arborist Association (GAA). He has served it in many roles, including twice as its President. He is frequently an instructor at GAA workshops.

Jenkins pioneered the sport of recreational tree climbing, that is, using a rope and saddle to climb trees for fun and adventure. In 1983 he started Tree Climbers International, the world's first organization and school for recreational tree climbers. He has taught people from all over the world how to climb safely. He also teaches safe climbing practices to entry-level tree workers.

NEIL NORTON (left in photo) is an ISA-Certified Arborist since 2002 and earned his Master Arborist certification (#SO-4158B) in 2021. Neil holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Tulane University. He is our tree survey and tree inventory expert: he loves to evaluate forests and yards to help homeowners understand what species of trees are there and how to maximize the use of their property. Neil is also a "software guy" who keeps us up to date with our cutting-edge arboriculture and other software.

Neil is passionate and active around issues of tree conservation and education, both locally and nationally. He founded the Glenn Creek Nature Preserve, a 2-acre greenspace in Decatur, Georgia. Neil served for almost eight years as the Executive Director of the Georgia Arborist Association. He also works with other non-profit organizations around tree care and preservation issues.

Neil loves inspecting trees, and thoroughly enjoys his encounters with clients and their trees in all the hidden neighborhoods of Atlanta. He also teaches Qi Gong in Decatur.

ELLEN BAUSKEEllen is the newest member of our team. Ellen has been an ISA-Certified Arborist since 2015 and earned her advanced Master Arborist certification in 2021. She is also tree risk assessment qualified (TRAQ). Ellen earned her master’s and doctorate degrees in Plant Pathology from the University of Illinois. She recently retired from her career at the University of Georgia, where she led and coordinated many programs at the Georgia Center for Urban Agriculture.

Ellen is a previous member of the Board of the Georgia Arborist Association. She now serves the Association as the ISA certification liaison. In this role she approves programs for continuing education credits for certified arborists and assists with administering certification exams locally.

Ellen is a seasoned hiker and loves to go camping in her little “casita.” She lives in Griffin with her dog, Cosmo, her bird, Rodger, and all the fish in her two tanks.

PATTY JENKINS Patty with Owl smPatty holds a very young barred owl that fell out of its nest. She has checked it over; now Peter will climb the tree to place it back in the nest where it's manager. Though she is a lifelong nature lover, Patty learned most of what she knows about trees from Peter, her husband, and is usually able to answer many of our customers' questions.

Before starting to run and Tree Climbers International, Patty had a long administrative career in Detroit-area hospitals and at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Now her office is a room with three walls of floor-to-ceiling windows, where she can watch birds from her desk. Patty and Peter's yard is a certified Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary. Don't be surprised if she tells you about a special bird she sees while she's talking with you!