Sugar Maple

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    • Latin (scientific) name: Acer saccharum
    • Height: 82 feet
    • Circumference: 11 feet
    • The height and circumference measurements listed here are for the largest-known sugar maple in Atlanta. This tree is located on private property.

    • Special characteristics:

      The tree is sometimes planted as an ornamental. It grows in partial shade or open areas. It prefers wet soils. It’s a stable tree with little disease or insect pest problems.

      The leaves turn a bright yellow to orange color in Fall. The bark is pale in color, much like the grey-white of a white oak. The bark exfoliates (flakes off) when the tree is mature, which adds interest to the tree.

    • Annoyance factors:

      There isn't much to mention here. This is a predictable tree as far as limb breakage and litter. This tree does not shed very much.

    • Fun Facts:

      This tree is not tapped for maple syrup as is done in the North.

    • Photo Credits:

      Tree: T. Davis Sydnor, The Ohio State University,
      Bark: Peter Jenkins,
      Leaves: Peter Jenkins,
      Fall Leaves: Joseph O’Brien,
      Flowers: Joseph Berger,
      Seeds: Paul Wray,