Include a Certified Arborist in the planning!

Most municipalities require a Certified Arborist to review your plans before they will give you a permit to add on to your home or build a new one. The arborist will write a "prescription" of things the builder must do to help your trees survive the effects of that construction. For example, an arborist will identify and clearly mark critical root zones of trees to prevent the roots from damage.

We recommend getting a Certified Arborist out as early possible in the planning process, even before the permitting process begins. Occasionally his suggestions to build around trees rather than removing them causes the homeowners to think again about the design of a project.

Sometimes we are called for advice about other construction-related projects. By offering alternative construction methods, we can save your special tree. Here are four examples.

  • New Home

    This temporary fence around the magnolia tree will save it from damage during construction of the home.
  • Deck

    By using concrete blocks, this lovely deck could be built, and modified when needed, without interfering with the tree's roots.
    (Picture courtesy Marge Lisius)

  • Path

    This "bridge" over the sidewalk on Houston Mill Road is an excellent example of how a path or driveway can be built to preserve the roots of a tree. We can advise you about how to accomplish this.
  • Treehouse

    These homeowners were very careful when they built their treehouse around the tree.