How to spot placeholderA tree inspection (also called a tree risk assessment) is an evaluation of a tree with a specific goal: to identify any dangers or problems that may make them unsafe to you or your property. We look for all the signs and symptoms shown in our article, “Reading a Tree for Risks and Hazards." We use our ears, knowledge and “sixth sense” based on years of experience to identify areas of concern, including those that our customers may have missed.

When hazards are present, will make recommendations about how to correct for them. If a tree near your home is sick and cannot be saved, we will probably recommend that you take it down. If the tree’s problems can be solved by you, a tree service, or by the tree itself, we will suggest remedies other than removal, such as mulching or pruning.

Some homeowners want us to evaluate all the trees on their property. If all the trees are near the home, this is a practical request. However, some large properties have trees that are in an area where they would not hit the house or other important structure if they were to fall. Keeping your wallet in mind, it often doesn't make sense for us to inspect all of these trees. When we arrive at your property, we can talk about what your goals are for the inspection.

Remember! does not perform tree work. We will advise you as to what’s best for you and your trees. We will also refer you to a reputable company if tree work is recommended.