MycorrhizaeA perfect relationship: The mycorrhizae fungus grows on a plant's roots. It helps the plant take up water and nutrients, while it lives on carbohydrates made by the plant during photosynthesis.

As a general rule, we recommend against fertilizing trees with chemical solutions. If applied incorrectly, fertilizers won't help, and some cases chemical fertilizers can be harmful.

However, for some trees, particularly older trees in distress, organic supplements such as mychorrhizae (at right) can be helpful. When we inspect your tree(s), we will recommend the use of a natural fertilizer when we think it will add to a tree's vitality.

Use extreme caution when a tree service advises that you fertilize your tree(s). Fertilization is a very profitable business. Make sure you understand why they are making their recommendation, and ask them to explain about the product they will be using. Get more than one opinion if you are unsure about accepting a recommendation to fertilize.