If time allows, it's always best to get two or three estimates for tree work.

  • Get the estimate in writing.
  • Make sure the estimate includes all the work that needs to be done. If it doesn't, you may find yourself paying a high price for add-ons.
  • Make sure the estimate doesn't include work that is not needed!
  • If the work is urgent, find out how soon the tree service can do it. This is especially important when you are dealing with storm damage or a tree in immediate danger of falling over.
  • How will the climbers get into the tree? Make sure ahead of time that no one will climb with leg spikes if they're just going to prune a tree.
  • Ask the estimator to tell you how the work will be set up, especially if heavy equipment will be used. Will they protect your lawn, plants, structures, and driveway? How?
  • If there are power lines going through or near the tree, is the tree service permitted to do the work? Georgia Power has restrictions!
  • Does the estimate include clean-up after the work is done?

Remember: You usually get what you pay for. Don't automatically accept the lowest bid! 

The company that gives you an unusually low bid may not have trained and experienced workers on its crew. It might not carry workers' compensation or liability insurance. Or, it could be so desperate for work that it will quote any price to do yours. Do some checking before you sign on the dotted line!