There are many factors that go into the price of tree work. The most important of them are:

  • What needs to be done.
  • How long the job will take.
  • How many people are needed to do the work properly and safely.
  • The quality of the work. If the company's climbers wear leg spikes to get into a tree to prune it, they may get the work done a little faster, but you're headed for an injured tree or a butcher job. Inappropriate climbing or pruning methods can maim or even kill the tree.
  • What kind of equipment will be used. If a tree is being removed, will it be done with a crane, or will it be taken down by hand?
  • Whether the tree company will get any permits that are required for pruning or removal.
  • When a tree is being removed with a crane, sometimes the street has to be blocked off, and police may be required to direct traffic while the job is being done.
  • Costs of debris removal. Will the tree company have to take away logs and brush, or will the debris be chipped up or left on the ground?
  • Is the company properly insured?

The bottom line? Make sure all the points listed above are answered to your satisfaction before you agree to have a tree service do your tree work.