Japanese Magnolia

  • Flowers (1)

    Flowers (1)

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    Flower (2)

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    Leaves and Fruit



    • Also known as: Saucer magnolia
    • Latin (scientific) name: Magnolia x soulangiana
    • Height: 30 feet
    • Circumference: 8 feet
    • The height and circumference measurements listed here are for the largest-known Japanese magnolia in Atlanta. This tree is located on private property.

    • Special characteristics:

      This tree is most easily recognized by its large light to deep pink (almost magenta) blossoms early in the springtime. The blooms last about a week after the gray buds pop open. The flowers are a welcome sight to an otherwise leafless mid-March landscape.

    • Annoyance factors:

      Everyone who is familiar with this tree holds their breath around March and early April, because a late freeze in Spring will kill its flowers. The buds turn brown and do not pop out, leaving the tree heavily laden with dead brown unopened blossoms. Sometimes the blooms themselves pose a hazard: they’re slippery!

    • Fun Facts:

      This tree is another gift from the Japanese. In Japan, people greatly value their tiny spaces. Their yards and gardens are tiny as compared to the large yard areas in the U.S. The Japanese people take advantage of the little garden space they do have by planting smaller species of trees that produce beautiful flowers. The world owes a lot to this culture, which shows us how to see nature in another way.

    • Photo Credits:

      Flowers (1) and (2): Peter Jenkins, TreeInspection.com
      Fruit: Patty Jenkins, TreeInspection.com