Deodar Cedar

  • Trees (1)

    Trees (1)

    These trees grace the Andersonville National Cemetary near Americus, Georgia.
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  • Needles


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  • Tree (2)

    Tree (2)

    This gorgeous tree lives at the corner of Piedmont Road and Monroe Drive in Atlanta.


    • Latin (scientific) name: Cedrus deodara. This name comes from the Sanskrit name for "wood of the gods."
    • Height: 98 feet
    • Circumference: 12 feet
    • The largest-known Deodar cedar in Atlanta is on Brookline Drive. Its current circumference at breast height is 198 inches (16-1/2 feet)!

    • Special characteristics:

      The needles of this tree are very very soft.

    • Photo Credits:

      All images by Peter Jenkins,