It is always a good idea to hire a Certified Arborist to look at the trees on a property before you buy it. The arborist's opinion could make the difference between closing or not on the purchase, or on the final price. 

Here are some things the arborist will be looking for:

  • Are any of the trees dead, diseased, or dying?
  • Are there major branches in a tree that are hazardous or need to be pruned?
  • Are the trees too close to the house?
  • If construction is planned after the sale goes through, how might it impact the trees?
  • Are a tree's roots disturbing the foundation or driveway?

Your realtor or the person who does your home inspection may know how to look for signs that suggest a problemmatic tree. But this isn't always the case. If there are trees on the property you're considering, get them inspected before you sign on the dotted line.